Our promise to Mother Nature:

For each item sold from the Bunette Paris site, we commit to redistribute 1% of profits to SDG'S.
We therefore thank you for your support and for choosing to help this wonderful planet that we call Our House.

What is an SDG'S
(Sustainable Development Goals)

The SDG's were developed by the United Nations to serve as a leader in the fight against global warming and increasing the sustainability of products. The SDGs consist of 17 goals, each focused on a positive impact for our planet. With the help of investors and other companies like ours, it's more likely that we can achieve each goal together.

Our companies are mainly focused on SDGs of goals 5 and 12.

# 5: Support gender equality and empower women / girls.

# 12: Focus on ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Our products are not 100% recyclable, but we have high hopes with the evolution of technology that each part will ultimately be 100% recyclable.

60% of our "activewear" are made with sustainable / recyclable / organic materials.

All of our products are ethically manufactured under fair and healthy working conditions.