Our team goal at Bunette Paris is to deliver quality, handmade items that help women feel confident in their bodies and focus our attention on creating sustainable clothing using recycled materials. We hope to create a community for all girls and women to feel connected and supported by their love of fashion.


Bunette active was created in 2020 in Paris. Our founder is attentive to a healthy lifestyle connected with our environment, as much by the body, the thought as by the spirit. The idea of ​​creating a community where all women could become more confident and acquire a healthier lifestyle together by playing their favorite sport was the inspiration behind Bunette Active. A community of girls and women who struggle together, share their love of fashion together, and become confident together. We hope to inspire women to be healthier and stronger while reducing our carbon footprint. 



The name Bunette is the nickname given to our founder before the very existence of the brand. “Bunette Paris” takes its name from everything that fascinates our founder. Bunette has its origin in the English word Bunny (rabbit in French), something cute and sweet transformed into a French feminine variation.

Bunette is from California. She always had in her the dream and hope to create a better life and a way to support and connect women with each other. It is like that and for this simple reason that she found her way to Paris. Bunette worked for many years in the fashion industry between Paris and Tokyo. Today she lives happily, full of motivation and ideas in the city of romance and love with her small family which includes her loyal canine companion Ruben.



I hope to create a community for and by women who inspire kindness and confidence with a good sense of style. The concept of “Bunette Paris” is to bring together all women and share our passion for fashion. The Bunette girl is a mother, daughter, sister and friend.