Le yoga is one of the most popular currents in the world. Ideal for improving your mindfulness and spirituality. Whatever your reasons for practice yoga, we believe it is important to educate yourself as well as possible about the perfect materials to wear for your practice of yoga.

      The practice of yoga involves many movements of the body, more or less ample and which result according to your positions many body extensions. It is therefore essential to choose the right clothes and composition to be as comfortable as possible during your session. This is why we provide you with additional information about our articles below.

     We specialize in sport stuff designed for different practices such as: High intensity training, running, yoga, pilates et fitness.

     We hope to have created for you the most beautiful and varied range of yoga clothes. We are inspired by the most widespread yogi practices to offer you the one that will suit you best in your posture. For example, Mudras are gestures you make with your hands and fingers. We can discover them in several Indian rhythms and the Hatha Yoga. Each mudras should be performed standing, in a posture with the feet anchored to the ground, and connected with a chakra or source of energy.

      In a traditional way each finger represents a natural element such as earth, water, fire, air and ether. These sacred gestures are powerful tools that influence our breathing, our thoughts and our emotional states. With regular and successful practice, they will allow you to increase physical and mental strength. They will help you realize projects and dreams and allow you to achieve mindfulness.

       yoga outfits for women will accompany you in these different postures. These are the “Lands” and the Californian “Vibe” which guided us in the choice of colors of our yoga pants et yoga bra women.


 Lbenefits of YOGA

     Yoga is the activity these days health to try in your daily life filled with stress and annoyances. The yoga practice brings untold benefits. We can distinguish the physical benefits: (flexibility, muscle development, aid in digestion, joint relief, strengthening of the vertebrae, improvement of pain, ...). And the psychological benefits: (quality of sleep, stress management, fight against depression relaxation, concentration ...).

     The yoga outfits that we offer allow you all the yoga postures possible combining the alliance of body and mind, thanks to the work of breathing. It is a real interlude of relaxation and the creation of well-being on a daily basis. The practice of yoga is not specifically used to build muscle mass but rather to sculpt and tone a good part of your body muscles. More than a sport, yoga is a special moment to re-focus on your body. . One of the key elements of yoga is work on breathing, most often coupled with postures.

     With our collection ACTIVE BUNETTE de woman yoga clothes you will meet all these needs easily. In yoga, the repetition of the postures, the regular practice but especially the mastery of the breathing allow to acquire a great flexibility.


A specific yoga outfit

     During your sessions yoga, comfort is an essential element and that is why the yoga outfit must be designed in order to be able to fully free your movements. Ideally, the outfit should stay in place and also be adjusted. The type " seamless "Or" second skin "should be able to allow you to concentrate solely on your postures and your breathing. Thanks to our collection ACTIVE BUNETTE de yoga clothing adapted so that your body feels liberated, your mind will be able to immerse itself perfectly in the state necessary for a good practice.


What yoga clothes to practice

     For the practice of Yoga it is necessary to wear suitable clothing. The composition of your yoga outfit should depend on the type practiced. Any yogist will confirm it: a comfortable outfit is necessary to follow the different postures with all the necessary agility. Because under its appearance of Zen practice, yoga is indeed a physical activity which cannot be improvised, requiring perseverance and precision throughout the duration of the sequences ofAsanas (postures). Like everything sport, it therefore requires the wearing of clothing appropriate, regardless of the type of discipline chosen (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, etc.).  

     La bonne yoga outfit is comfortable and close to the body. Just test theasana "dog upside down" or the "sun salutation" with an oversized tee - which inevitably ends up on your head - to notice it!  

     For the Yoga says "soft" like the Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, Meditation… There are four criteria to take into account: comfort, softness, freedom of movement andeco design (type recycled polyester). You will therefore prefer to wear yoga outfit like legging and jackets more or less strong.

     For the practice of Yoga said "dynamic" such as: Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hot / Bikra you have to integrate different elements: Opacity, freedom of movement and perspiration wicking. Prefer outfits close to the body and breathable such as : jackets, shorts, tank tops et leggings.

     At the top, we opt for a bra, a thin tank top or slim T-shirt close to the body. To ensure good maintenance at the level of Chest, we choose a second skin bra. The idea is not to constrain the body, but to support its movements as best as possible. And so as not to have to keep winding up a sling which slips braces wide, adjustable and crossed in the back are ideal.

     At the bottom, we favor the legging that sticks to the skin. A fortiori when you are at an intermediate or advanced level. We choose it tall so that the elastic supports the belly without ever compressing it. 

     Finally, to avoid cooling down at the end of the session, at the moment of the relaxation and / or meditation, it is good to have a pair of soft wool socks close at hand as well as a light and cozy sweatshirt in which to wrap yourself.  

     Remember to complete your equipment yoga with a mat and accessories adapted to your practice. You will understand: for us the yoga is more than a practice, it is a real state of mind. This way of thinking on a daily basis encourages us to always go further in our work.


Nylon and Spandex

     This mixture works perfectly for yoga practice et pilates in particular because the percentage of fabric composition between Nylon and Spandex is essential to allow perfect ventilation, a light, solid, robust, flexible fabric, sufficiently stretchy so as not to have to put the garment back in place after each movement.



Recycled polyester

     We incorporate recycled polyester into our tissues to act on the carbon footprint. Our articles with this share of recycled polyester are perfect for running and high endurance sports. Recycled polyester makes our items more water resistant et quickly absorb perspiration.